Why Baito's Counters Are Worth Buying?

September 14, 2022
Latest company case about Why Baito's Counters Are Worth Buying?

1. Fuel-saving, environmentally friendly, equipment is broken down into parts, and it is convenient for transportation.


2. Quick installation, reduce the time of upper and lower molds, and improve work efficiency.


3. The water flow is uniform to ensure product quality and the efficiency of injection molding, die casting and blow molding.


4. Product standardization, compatible with foreign brands, such as: ,,,,,,,,, STRACK, PARKER, etc.


5, price advantage, quality assurance, only about 30% of the original price can have original products to improve competitiveness.


6. The order cycle is short, about 4 days for production and about 6 days for production. Special products are excluded.


7. Standard parts are in stock to reduce customer's ordering time or reduce inventory cost.